OnePlus 7 Leaked Image Sufrace Online shows absence of the notch and a camera notch on the device

OnePlus 7 Expected Design, Specifications, Price, Features , and Release Time

The company not yet announced OnePlus 7 can be seen on a photo. Noteworthy is the absence of the notch and a camera notch on the device. In terms of hardware, we can almost certainly call you the specifications, but it will be much more exciting in terms of design and how the full screen trend is evolving.In this article we will talk about expecting new features, specifications, and expected price in details.

With the coming OnePlus 7, we are now looking forward to a completely new design with a different concept in order to enable the most complete display possible on the front. As an introduction, this article offers first: Smartphone displays – inventory and outlook . If you look at the shelf of the BBK Electronics Group, which includes OnePlus, Oppo and Vivo, there is an even smaller water drop notch, a motorized camera module or a manual slider to choose from.

Design & Display

OnePlus will stick to the dual glass design : the front and back are made of glass, while the frame remains made of metal. At the back you have been working with different layers since the OnePlus 6 , to achieve a special effect in case of light. The biggest change will affect the display. The trend continues to be that one has on the front as large a display that is disturbed by as little as possible. Here you can see the concepts that come into question for the ÔÇťOneplus 7: Oneplus will definitely use an established concept, because experimenting is rather difficult with only one smartphone on the market.

Water drop Notch

One of the innovations of the OnePlus 6T is the much smaller notch at the top of the display. This integrates well into the display without being unappealing and is much smaller than the big models in front of it. At the same time, continuity is a standstill – even if I like the Waterdrop-Notch, it should be written off for the OnePlus 7. The new device will bring a fundamental change, as that’s what the rest of the industry is doing.

Slider or pop-up camera

Most leaks from the OnePlus 7 come with a slider concept , as we know from the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 or Huawei Honor Magic 2 . Here you push the display down and get access to the front camera. In practice, this gives a full-surface display on the front without cutting through the selfie camera. Only the slider needs more space, which makes the smartphone thicker and, since it is a mechanical component, also decreases somewhere robustness. The second option would be a slider with motor – the Vivo Nex and Oppo Find X have faked it. Since the manufacturers themselves but so far left in the two models, the motorized slider was more likely to marketing. The manual slider is even more likely for the new OnePlus 7.

Oneplus 7

Punch Hole Camera / Hole NotchOnePlus 7

A hole notch, would also be conceivable and would allow a full-screen design. For this Oppo has submitted new patents, where the selfie camera sits on the top left and the black spot is integrated into the status bar. If you stroke down the quick access bar, you have shortcuts to the functions where the camera icon integrates the front camera lens. If you could manage to make the sensor even narrower, you have probably found the best solution.
Here it must be noted that OnePlus is out to deliver flagships that are perfectly usable in everyday life. Concepts like the motorized pop-up camera, the manual slider or a dual display design, like the Vivo Nex Dual, are extraordinary concepts, but also compromise. So far on the leaks we have seen the slider concept most often, so this or the Loch-Notch are probably the most conceivable.

Snapdragon 855 Chipset

For the new OnePlus 7 you can already firmly put on the Snapdragon 855. The new chip from Qualcomm offers a good 30% more power than the predecessor and also comes with a new Adreno GPU and even more AI or NPU power. First benchmarks have also surfaced with Xiaomi smartphones and the SD855. On memory, the OnePlus 7 will again come with 6GB of memory in the smallest version, which leaves room for a more expensive model with 8GB of RAM and 10GB – perhaps again in a special edition – are conceivable. The speed of the memory will not get much more, the 15GB / s are already more than enough. As far as the system memory is concerned, we must be prepared for more and faster memory. Already at the predecessor, there was befitting 128GB instead of 64GB. In addition, UFS 3.0 rolls up , which is two to three times faster than UFS 2.0. This will be noted in the faster startup and installation of large apps. This could be a staggering of the OnePlus 7 models – even with prices but this is pure speculation.

The system uses Oxygen OS . With its own launcher, OnePlus provides an Android-friendly system that runs faster and more efficiently, along with some extra features. Also on the OnePlus 7, it will still be based on Android 9, because Android 10 is just rolling at the time. The beta of Android Q is set for May 2019, about the time when we suspect the launch of the OnePlus 7. So you can count on the new Oxygen OS based on Android 10 first with the OnePlus 7T.

5x zoom Camera

After there has always been a fundamentally new camera with the new smartphone in recent years – and always only a small improvement with the T-model, along with improvements via the software – the 1 + 7 will also get a new camera unit. Here a triple cam would be well conceivable, as we were only allowed to test in the Oppo R17 Pro. So you could finally cover more features than just bokeh shots. Functions such as a wide-angle camera or a particularly light-sensitive sensor are still missing from OnePlus. Here, Oppo has just introduced a concept in which several lenses are installed diagonally and you get a 5-fold lossy zoom.

5G Connectivity

With the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset and the X50 modem is now finally 5G available. OnePlus has already announced that in 2019 a 5G smartphone will hit the market. Here you can speculate that it runs like the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3: the OnePlus 7 first and a short time later the 5G version. We can not imagine that 5G will be imposed on every user and thus the increased costs. In too few countries, which are important markets for the company, there is no approach to a mature 5G network. With the remaining connectivity standards one can orient oneself at the OnePlus 6T: Bluetooth 5.0, dual band WiFi, NFC, GPS in itself again full hut. A question mark stands behind the Notification LED and Wireless Charging. Both need space, which Pete Lau prefers to use differently. Placing the Notification LED is also becoming more difficult in the full-screen time. In the auricle, she would find space, but it is not particularly effective there. With the AMOLED display you can also display the notifications on the screen without massively loading the battery. The second major innovation of the OnePlus 6T was the fingerprint sensor under the display. So you have the perfect position for the thumb, but the unlock needs a touch longer. Most likely, the Oneplus 7 will also get an in-display fingerprint sensor again. There are now newer and better models that recognize the fingerprint even faster. Also currently floats a variant in the room, where the entire display can recognize the finger.


It can be ruled out that the OnePlus 7 will be a whole lot smaller: so far, each model has become a bit bigger, and Pete Lau himself stated that a small Smartphone would not provide enough space for a battery that meets his expectations. For this we could expect a two-part battery, as in the Oppo R17 Pro . This could be charged even faster – and OnePlus has always been incredibly fast here. So 3700mAh, or 2 x 1850mAh, are also conceivable in the Oneplus 7.

Even if you can expect a big update on the upcoming OnePlus 7 and probably also a big change that affects the full-screen design, you should not expect the next big hit. OnePlus has never thrown a completely new feature as the first company on the market. The focus is on developing a super flagship that can be used without compromise in everyday life. Market-ready concept phones are left to the major manufacturers. Oneplus will hopefully settle for the price of 500 euro, otherwise it will be difficult for the former flagship killer manufacturer.We can expect the device will launch in May 2019

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