Xiaomi Mi Ergonomic Chair: a new fully adjustable ergonomic office chair

Xiaomi is not only a manufacturer of smartphones. Beyond mobile phones, computers and related electronic gadgets, it also manufactures and markets all kinds of products such as suitcases, shoes or toothbrushes that sometimes do not even have a pinch of electronics. The latest product to join is Xiaomi Mi Ergonomic Chair , a chair that as its name suggests is ergonomic and designed for the office.

The Xiaomi Mi Ergonomic Chair has been presented under the platform Youpin , Xiaomi platform where they are usually financed and distributed from other brands related to Xiaomi. However, in this case it is a chair completely designed and manufactured by Xiaomi. The chair is designed for those who spend hours sitting in the office , as often happens with office chairs, looking for user comfort. Choosing the right chair is not easy because there are many factors to consider, especially the impact that it will have on the body if you are going to spend hours every day on it.

Xiaomi Mi Ergonomic Chair

The Xiaomi Mi Ergonomic Chair has multiple settings to configure your position . With this each user can get an optimal and comfortable position to maintain the correct posture during working hours. It allows us to adjust for example the lumbar support or the height of each armrest separately. Also the height of the saddle, the inclination that allows the backrest or the distance of the saddle with respect to the backrest.

As for materials, the backrest is made of an elastic mesh that allows ventilation and to some extent prevents perspiration. According to the brand, the wheels are silent to avoid exaggerated noises when traveling with it. It also has an optional headrest that can be removed if desired. The approximate size is 70 cm wide and 120 cm high overall. The saddle as we have seen can be adjusted, the distance it allows is between 48 cm and 58 cm high compared to the ground. The whole chair reaches a weight of almost 25 kilograms, it is not exactly light. It is available in two colors: white and black (light gray and dark gray tones).

Xiaomi Mi Ergonomic Chair

The grace of this chair is probably the great customization it offers at a price that can be even cheap for an office chair , if it really delivers everything it promises. A good ergonomic chair can achieve much higher prices and it is not surprising that Apple for example spent $ 1,200 for each chair of the 12,000 desks in their offices.
Xiaomi Mi Ergonomic Chair is already on sale in China through the Youpin platform . Its price, as expected in a premium product, is 1299 yuan , about 169 euros a change, which would be 191 US dollars .

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