Xiaomi USB Dual Charger Latest USB-C and USB-A Charger with Output upto 30W

The Chinese company a.k.a apple of China Xiaomi has introduced its new charger with dual output USB-C and USB-A , a transformer capable of delivering a combined output power of up to 30W , making it ideal for all those devices with fast charge and even for small laptops .

Xiaomi USB Dual Charger shares the same minimalist design and white color so characteristic of Xiaomi devices. At the same time, it has a folding power plug and two USB ports, specifically a Type C port and a standard Type A port .
The new USB Dual Charger is compatible with the vast majority of fast loading protocols , so it provides a correct and flow charge to virtually any mobile device that connects. Its combined output power reaches 30W if we use the USB Type C port , being compatible with fast charging USB PD and providing charging ouput voltages of: 5V 3A , 9V 3A , 12V 2.25A and 15V 2A .

In this way, the output voltage of 15V allows some low-performance laptops to be loaded from the market. In turn, if we use the Type A USB port, this reaches an output power of 27W , in addition, if we use both interfaces at the same time, they reach a power of 24W .

Xiaomi USB Dual Charger supports a wide range of input voltages in order to be used in virtually any corner of the planet. In addition, as confirmed by Xiaomi, this new transformer has several chips that improve the security against the main problems of over-current and short circuits .


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